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We seem to have a reprieve from the rainy weather. This is allowing the deck maintenance to commence. Yesterday our handyman neighbor painted the railing and balusters with the semi opaque stain. Today he is rolling the stain on the front porch and given enough time will move to the back deck.


We are trying one of the new deck resurfacers on the back. That deck is uncovered and south facing, so it is fully exposed day in and day out. Perhaps the acrylic based resurfacer will hold up better than stains have.
Last night after dinner, I took table scraps to the chickens and every one came scurrying over for their share. Two hours later when I went back over to lock them in for the night, one of the March pullets was dead at the bottom of the ramp. There were no signs of trauma, there had been no signs of illness and no warning. Internet research was unhelpful other than to suggest that since she was young she may have become eggbound. I have only been getting 3 or 4 eggs each day for the past week out of two hens and 11 pullets, so perhaps she just never figured it to out.
I finished my Hitchhiker made with Rivulet Island Yarn in Peacock color. It is larger than the pattern as I continued adding points to use up the yarn. It is currently drying on the spare bed downstairs.


I am pleased with it and as the evenings are cool now, I’ll begin the cardigan out of Shepherd’s Wool in Great Lakes color to wear with it.