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No, we don’t have a frog in the house.  Rippit is a sound that knitters don’t like.  There are times when a project just isn’t right.  If it is a little error not to far back, you can Tink (Knit backwards) and correct your error.  Sometimes you find a big error too far back and have to just rip it out.


The sweater that I have been making for myself to go with the lovely Hitchhiker scarf at the top of the photo had progressed to sleeves by early this week.  By Wednesday night, half of one sleeve was complete and I tried the sweater on to check the sleeve length.  What I found was a sweater a bit too large in the body with huge sleeves.  I had followed the pattern and was very frustrated that the sleeves were so large.  The Knit Night crew suggested not adding the stitches under the sleeve, but the pattern wouldn’t let you just knit around, so I picked up the stitches and did significant decreases in the first couple of rows in the underarm area.  Once I had one sleeve long enough to try again, it was better, but I just didn’t like the size of the whole sweater.

This was on the heels of having just given away a sweater I made last spring that was too small through the back and shoulders.  Rather than spend more hours finishing this sweater that I knew I would not ever enjoy, tonight’s decision was to Rippit.  About half of the sweater is now rolled back into balls.  The rest sitting in my lap awaiting the same fate.  Rather than try this pattern again in a smaller size, I have found a different pattern.  The new pattern will use much less yardage, but that is okay.  I have two granddaughters who might like sweaters for Christmas, so I will just continue to Rippit. . .and then enjoy the process of knitting sweaters that will be worn.