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After several days of knitting, ripping, designing and trying again, I finished the fingerless mitts to go with my favorite hat and scarf.  Several years ago I designed a hat to use a beautiful ruby colored skein of yarn that I had purchased from Unplanned Peacock Studio (http://www.unplannedpeacock.com/), an independent yarn dyer from our region.  I published the pattern on the database Ravelry.  After a year of wearing that hat, I approached UPP to see if she could duplicate the color so that I might make a scarf to go with the hat.  She tried, but just couldn’t quite get it right.  She had a hat of the same yarn and I thought perhaps she was trying to match it, but found out about a year later that her dog had destroyed the hat and she had no sample from which to work.  Again, I begged and offered her the small remnant ball I had from making my hat and again she tried, and tried, but this time she succeeded and I bought two skeins, used to design and make a scarf to match the hat.  Another period of time passed and I decided that I really wanted to make mitts or gloves to go with the hat and scarf. She still had a skein of the yarn and I purchased it. Tonight brought success.  The Ruby Hat, Ruby Scarf, and Ruby Mitts are all free patterns on Ravelry and here, Ruby Hat (http://goo.gl/yAfQV) and later Ruby Scarf (http://goo.gl/uzjTFo), and Ruby Mitts http://goo.gl/C80YhQ.

This is what they look like


Finished just in time for this weekend’s cold, wet weather.