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Last night it got cold, down in the 20’s cold. The morning was bright and sunny and the two together created frost shadows.








Every trip out to the garden area reveals a few more pumpkins.  I think I have harvested in the neighborhood of 100.  At this point, there is a small pile collected on the edge of the garden to throw to the chooks.  They aren’t producing many eggs lately.  Of the dozen hens, we are only getting 4-6 eggs each day.  One is in a serious molt, one just got over her broodiness, but that leaves 10 that should be giving me a few more than I am getting.  It is enough for us, but not really producing for my neighbor and knitting buddies.

On the knitting front, Granddaughter 1’s sweater for Christmas is progressing well.


The pattern is In Threes which has a cap sleeve, but I am modifying it to add long sleeves.  I need to find some buttons and finish the sleeves.  I still have two more kids sweaters to get knit before Christmas.  One of them is another 3T, so it won’t take too long, but the other is for an almost 8  year old and it will take a bit more time.

We are due for two beautiful days before we are faced with a few very cold days due to the Polar Vortex headed our way.  I need to get some extra hay in the coop and figure out how I am going to keep their water thawed.  The heavy barn coat has been moved back to the utility room near my gum boots for dealing with the coming winter woes.