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Yesterday, I was silent, it was a birthday, another senior one that I am ready to ignore.  Mountaingdad took me to breakfast at our local diner, gave me an LLBean, leather Healthy Back bag and let me sit around and knit and read until dinner time, then took me for the best dinner at one of our local more upscale restaurants.  Usually when we go out, we skip appetizers and desserts and I typically get soup and salad or a veggie plate.  Not last night.  We shared a Charcuterie plate with a delightful whole grain mustard and an onion/hot pepper jam.  They had homemade mushroom stuffed ravioli with hazelnut butternut squash sauce, adorned with toasted pepitas, white raisens and asiago cheese.  It was delightful.  Makes me want to learn to make my own pasta.  A glass of Malbec, and ended with a shared slice of New York Cheesecake and a scoop of pumpkin ice cream.  I left stuffed and happy.

Today was both Farmers’ Market day and the day we drove to a county about an hour away to pick up our freshly killed and cleaned pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving.  I cleaned out a market stall of all of their remaining Yukon Gold potatoes and picked up some pork for us and for son to take home after the holiday.  He is still hoping for a successful deer hunt while here and we have a few chores that we need help with, repairing a strip of log siding on the back of the basement and reattaching a downspout that has come loose and may be the cause of the strip of buckled siding.  We also got a cord of seasoned hardwood dumped but not stacked and we need to do that in preparation for the cold and occasional power loss due to ice and snow.

Knitting is progressing on Granddaughter #2’s Christmas sweater, a Wallaby.  It looks like a knitted hooded sweatshirt with the pouch pocket.  I am about to finish the body and start on the hood.  The sleeves are on as this is a bottom up sweater and most of the loose ends are woven in.  I had lots of knitting time between yesterday and the two hours of car time going and returning for the turkey.  Granddaughter #2 called me a couple of days ago and asked for mittens too.  I thought I would have enough of the sweater yarn to make them, but now I don’t think so, so we stopped at one of my favorite yarn shops on the way to get the turkey and bought a skein of a tweedy yarn with the same color in it to make them.


We came home with a 14.5 pound fresh turkey, a 2.5 pound Boston Butt Roast, 2 pounds of ground pork, 4 chops, a pound each of Garlic Brats and Hot Italian Sausage.

Once this sweater is finished, I need to make her big brother one of a different color, then I will tackle her mittens and hope it all gets done in time for their Christmas.

Today was a balmy day compared to the recent weather, tomorrow is to be about the same but rainy, so I will tackle cleaning up my craft area, vacuuming the whole house, make guest beds, and make bread and prebake the rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Tuesday morning, I will drive to Northern Virginia, pick up son’s family once they are done with their school and work days and we will all drive back to the mountains for some family time.

Love our life in the mountains, our local products, and my ability to make warm cozy sweaters and mittens for family.