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Today is my thankfulness post as tomorrow I will be silent, cooking and enjoying family time and NO, none of us will be patronizing stores opening on Thursday for Black Friday sales, nor will we join the throngs shopping on Friday.
I am thankful for safe journeys yesterday though long and traffic filled. Our return trip took about 7 hours to make the 4+ hour trip including an hour to travel 7 miles due to nighttime construction on the interstate. We beat the weather home.


This morning’s beauty.


For a silly grandson and the beast who love each other.
For having part of our family here to enjoy this week.
For delicious food, mostly grown locally.
For frequent contact with our other children, my 91 year old Dad and my siblings.
For wood in the garage to keep fires burning today for warmth and coziness.
For health.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from the snowy Virginia mountains.