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Our household is in turmoil, but happy, giddy turmoil.  About a dozen years ago, our very young adult daughter left Virginia and moved to Florida.  The why is unimportant now as are all of the ensuing dozen years.  For a few years now, she and her family have longed to move back to Virginia, this time away from the coast and to the mountains near us.  Much has had to be done to allow this to happen and much still must be done for all of them all to be here, but daughter, two grandskiddos and the dog will be here before school starts up again after Christmas.  SIL will stay in their house and his jobs until they get a firm offer on the house and then he will transfer his job here as well.  For now, daughter and grandkiddos will live with us, and though we have the extra bedrooms in the house, we have been using most of both closets for storage.

Yesterday, in delighted anticipation, I tackled a major clean out and reorganization, finding items that we moved here 8 years ago and didn’t even remember having.  Large shopping bags were lined up in the hall and items I never use went into a bag for donation.  Party items that are rarely used were relocated by reorganizing the hutch, jelly cupboard, and kitchen cabinets to find places for it all.  One of the closets held the boxes of Christmas decorations.  When we moved in, they were stored in the basement, but when the basement finishing began, they moved to that closet and have stayed there.  The under-the-stairs closet in the basement was cleaned up and space made to store those boxes back down there, empty now of their decorations, but full after the holidays.  Dresser drawers that held seasonal linens were emptied, some of them stashed in another big plastic bin in the basement closet, others such as table cloths and napkins folded and stored in part of the hutch.  A shelf is going to be added to one of my base cabinets in the kitchen to allow for more organization.

Bags and boxes were donated yesterday and more will likely follow.  Closets and drawers are being made available.  Holiday decorations that were being neglected are being displayed.  Excitement is in the air.

We hope for a quick successful sale of their home so SIL can come up too, for a job opportunity that has evaded daughter in Florida will come up, that we will get to know those grandkiddos better than twice a year visits have allowed and we are grateful that all three of our children will be back in one state.

Yesterday and today have been perfect weather for working in the house.  The sky is like a dark curtain hanging over us, raining off and on for days now.  The creeks are roaring.


The chicken pen, having a slight downward slope from the gate has been treacherous to enter to let them out and close them up.  Though it is gray this morning, I uncovered one of the huge round bales of hay and threw down a layer from the gate to the pop door of the coop and a fresh layer in the coop.  This is always new entertainment for the chickens as they scratch through it looking for treats and spreading it farther and farther away from the gate, but at least I will be able to enter the pen without fear of falling.


Two days ago, we came home to find this…


half of the wood that Son#1 and I stacked in the snow at Thanksgiving had toppled.  I don’t know if something tried to climb it or if as he suggested, the ground thawed in the rain just enough to cause it to shift.  It has been much to wet to want to go out and re-stack it.  If we get a dry day, I may begin on it . . . or wait for him to come back at Christmas to help me.

For now, I must get back to household preparation to keep my excitement under control.  I booked a flight after Christmas to go down and help her drive back with the kids, the dog and a trailer of kids clothes, toys, sports gear and hopefully bicycles.  The rest of their goods will be moved upon sale of the house.