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Today, after a trip to the fabric store, I finished the two doll quilts with pillows.  These are my first two quilts that weren’t made from a kit and the tops are made from my scrap basket, many of the blocks from dresses that I made for one of the grand daughters who will receive a quilt for her babies for Christmas.  That granddaughter is getting a doll bed for her babies from Santa.  Each of these little three year old girls, different families, will also receive a little dress-able soft doll with doll PJs for them.  The girls each have a hand knit sweater from us, very filled with love gifts.

Boxes, tags and another roll of wrap were also purchased today and the gifts that need to be sent off soon are wrapped, except for an item that hasn’t come in the mail yet and a grandson sweater that is close, but will still requires another couple of days of dedicated knitting.  Hopefully the missing gift will arrive, the sweater finished and a box packed for mailing by mid week.

We still have some closet clean out to do, a tree to get and put up and the month seems to be speeding by.  I better get back to the knitting.