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This month is flying and so much yet to do. We still don’t have a tree.  Maybe next week.  As I was going to bed down the chooks last evening, and to collect 5 very cold eggs, I was being gently pelted by small frozen pellets.  Our table sits in front of the French doors to the back deck and we watched during dinner as the stained wood was coated and turned white.  We weren’t really expecting much in the way of bad weather last night, the Nor’easter that was pounding up the coast to New England  wasn’t going to hit Virginia too hard and we were catching only the westerly edge of wind and moisture, chilled by our winter temperatures.  Awakening this morning with it still heavily overcast, the cedars, pines, and other firs looked like they had been sugar coated.


All fog and frosting and totally enchanting.  After feeding pups and me breakfast, it was chicken chore time and on my way back from giving them their morning portion of grains and kitchen scraps, a glance in the same general direction showed a beautiful mountain phenomenon.


The clouds breaking up but clinging to the hollows in the mountains, producing a floating ridge.  The sun will quickly melt the frosting on the trees, but it made for a beautiful holiday scene.

Last night I knitted until my hands were cramped, but met my yesterday’s goal of getting the body of grandson’s sweater finished.  Today’s goal is the hood and a desperately needed bath.  It has picked up dog hair and dust as it has been lugged around the house and in the car in an effort to get it completed.

A sweater

The hood is a simple 9″ long stockinette rectangle the width of the neckline plus a few stitches.  It should be done in a couple of hours then stitching up the seam to close the rectangle into a hood, stitch up the underarms and a quick wash.

The missing gift that is in the mail was near here according to tracking, perhaps to arrive today, so the box of Christmas that must be mailed away should be ready by tomorrow.

Back to the knitting goal.  Must get on it.