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Sweater # 3, the largest of the three, finished last night.


Sweater #2, for his little sister.


Sweater #1, for one of their cousins.

Her brother prefers sweatshirts, so he gets a Steeler’s T-shirt and Sweatshirt.  His other grandparents are Steeler’s fans so also is he.  The eldest grand wears sweaters, but insisted that he didn’t need one this year.  Perhaps that is for the best as making another even larger might have me knitting on Christmas eve.  It wouldn’t be the first Christmas eve that I was frantically trying to finish a gift.  I remember an afghan, a smocked nightgown, and a set of cross stitched placemats with matching napkins. There is a long tradition of me biting off more than I could chew while raising a family and working full time, but somehow it always got done.  I don’t remember ever having to wrap a not quite finished gift with the promise to get it finished.  But now I’m retired and seem to have even less time.


The doll quilts and pillows.  These for the same two little girls mentioned above.

The Florida family’s gifts will be mailed off today for them to open on Christmas day, then pack for their move to Virginia.  Generally, we leave here on Christmas day and drive to visit them for a week at Christmas.  Next year, we will get to witness the Christmas morning excitement, hopefully with them and our Northern Virginia family who generally spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us before driving to visit her family on the coast.

The only other request is for mittens, but they weren’t asked for to be delivered by Christmas and will be made to match/coordinate with Sweater #2 for the granddaughter who will be moving here the week after Christmas.  She is Florida born and raised and may find Virginia winter a bit chilly for a while.  Her mittens will be my flight and drive back project, as she won’t need them until she gets here.  I couldn’t get them done in time to mail today anyway.

Today she would need them.  It is mountain snow flurrying with strong gusty winds that penetrate all my layers except when I am wrapped in a fleece and my barn coat.  Today I needed my long johns under my jeans, but didn’t think it would be that cold.

For now, I will return to my sweater, the body is nearly done except for the bottom ribbing and knitting and adding the sleeves.  That will be my project for the next few days and perhaps I will have it ready to wear by Christmas.  It is after all a lovely shade of green.


There are two more hand knit gifts this year, but the recipients often read my blog, so they shall remain . . .?