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After a weekend away, it was back to work.  Bed and bath linens needed changing and laundering. Clothes from our trip also needed laundering. The house was in need of a serious vacuuming to rid it of a thick layer of dog hair and that also necessitated dusting.  We definitely need to get our fall HVAC servicing so we have a new filter.  They unfortunately aren’t ones we can go buy locally and the accumulating dust tells me it is time for a change.  The kitchen was given a thorough cleaning and reorganization of a couple of drawers and cabinets.  The laundry room where my outdoor boots are stored and where we feed the dogs was scrubbed.  One of the closets and bedrooms being readied for daughter and grands is done.  There are still some items in the other closet that I need to relocate and after Son #1 and family are here for Christmas, we will move the dresser from that room and eventually get twin beds so that the grands can share the room at least until they are comfortable living here.

We didn’t leave the house today except to let the chickens out this morning and lock them up this evening.

I finally got our Christmas cards addressed and signed, they will be mailed off tomorrow.

There has been no knitting or spinning today at all.  I finished the body of my sweater in the car on the way to Norfolk on Thursday and started on the sleeves, two at a time only to discover after about 3 inches that I had picked up the wrong needle size.  That was ripped out and begun again once we were at my Dad’s house and between my knitting there and on the way home, I have about 8 inches of both sleeves done and most of the decreases.  If I can get the last few inches knocked out in the next couple of days, I will have another hand knit sweater to keep me warm this winter.  I do need to go out and find a large button for the single button neckline and while looking, see if I can find some new buttons for my winter coat.  While in Virginia Beach, DIL asked me if I could repair a pair of baby mitts that I had made when the 3 year old was an infant. For some reason, one of them unraveled about an inch and the I cord holding them together had frayed and nearly come apart.  As I had my needles with me, I reknit the end of the unraveled mitt, cut and spliced the I cord and handed them back to her.  She thinks they got in the laundry with a load of clothes and said she would hand wash them if they have any more kids that will wear them.

Instead of crafting, I’m off to a clean bed in a clean house, with my book.