The shopping is done, groceries stocked, gifts wrapped and under the tree.  Tomorrow, Son #1 and family will arrive back in my car that they drove home at Thanksgiving and we will have time together, sitting by the fire, enjoying the Christmas lights.

Tomorrow is supposed to bring a wintery mix, much less than had previously been threatened, the front is passing farther south than predicted earlier this week. If the weather permits, we will venture to the Farmers’ Market to try to buy a beef or pork roast for one of the dinners while family is here.  Perhaps we will get some other meat as well, with the family also eating from the freezer, we will use the stew beef and ground beef and it will be two weeks before we can return to the Farmers’ Market.

Tonight, I am tired and cold, having done some clean up, some laundry, split a few dozen pieces of firewood from sections that were too large to get to burn easily.  Dinner has been prepared, eaten and cleaned up.  With a cup of Cocoa and Chambord, I am sitting with my knitting and a book, soaking in the warmth of the fire, . . .


enjoying the tree, . . .


with the gifts awaiting an eager grandson, and glad that I did unwrap and display my Santa collection, though this is but a few of them.


Wishing you all a happy holiday with your loved ones.