This is the sweater that I began as soon as the weather began to cool off enough to hold a sweater in my lap.  It was knit to coordinate with the Hitchhiker scarf I made last summer and fall.


The project got sidetracked to knit the three sweaters for the grands and two other gifts that are wrapped for Christmas.  My sweater pattern is a formula based on the Ann Budd Top Down Sweater book, changed to suit the stitch pattern that I wanted.  I am pleased, I think.  I’m still not certain about the 3/4 sleeve that I chose to do and may yet take the cuffs off and extent the sleeves to make it long sleeved.  It is a nice warm wool and very soft Shepherd’s Wool, knit on a size 8 needle, yoke style with a single button closure at the neck.

Now I’m off to knit two pair of mittens for the Florida grands who will be moving here the first of the year.