Another gloomy but not as cold morning, no sunshine predicted for today. Sausage is cooked, biscuits await the oven, all waiting for other faces to show themselves before baking and making the gravy. The morning treat is fresh hot biscuits with sausage gravy.


Today will be baking day, pumpkins pies, dinner rolls, maybe one batch of cookies if I can get grandson on board with the idea of helping. We traditionally, all my life and my children’s lives, we have had Christmas dinner on the eve, so some prep will be done today.
Christmas morning we will have huevos rancheros, my hubby hails from Texas then after the morning gift exchange, the kids will leave for Virginia Beach to spend the rest of the day with the other Grandparents.
For now, the house is quite, stirrings about are beginning, a second pot of coffee will be needed soon and the biscuits must be baked, the gravy made.
Have a peaceful eve of the eve and enjoy your friends and family.