Last Wednesday, I flew to Florida and Thursday and Friday morning, daughter and I finished packing the children’s books, games, indoor and outdoor toys and clothes, along with her clothes, some linens and other needs from their house.  Thursday, she and her husband met with the Realtor that is listing their house for sale and signed the paperwork to get the house on the market early this week.  On Friday noon, we picked up the trailer and began loading it, putting the children’s dressers, two bookcases, toy bin shelving and daughter’s desk.  Once her husband got home from work, he helped us play Tetris with the boxes and items like bicycles, scooters, and outdoor toys that would not go into boxes.  Everything stacked up, tied down and balanced.


6 X 12′ stacked front to back, top to bottom

Saturday morning, the dog and his paraphernalia, backpacks of car books and toys, small bags for travel clothing were added to the car along with the laptop, camera, and tablet to begin the 2 day trip north to our home in southwestern Virginia.  The weather was beautiful, the traffic fairly light early in the day and though the trailer was 100 feet long, 25 feet wide and weighed 10 tons, or at least it felt that way attached  to the back of the vehicle.  And the fact that every time I looked in the rear view mirror, I startled at how close that “U-Haul truck” was to my rear bumper.  The kids were great travelers, the dog quiet and calm most of the time.  When we got to South Carolina and within 35 miles of our first night destination, we landed in an interstate parking lot, creeping along at 5 to 20 miles an hour.  We ended up taking a couple hours longer than expected driving almost 12 hours the first day.  Yesterday was a shorter day, fortunately, though we did drive in rain off and on, arriving home about 5:30 last night as the cold front hit here, dropping the temperature from the 50s to the low 20s.  We are going to have a night of low single digits tomorrow night, quite a change from Florida weather.

We got the trailer unloaded last night and returned today.  Boxes are getting unpacked and the family settling in.  We are delighted to have them here and hope that our SIL sells the house and moves with them soon.