Tomorrow evening will mark a full week since Daughter and children arrived with me and their trailer full of household goods that we have been incorporating into our mountain home.  All but one box from the garage has been brought in and mostly unpacked.  On Thursday, the first day that the school counselor was to be back from the holidays, we scheduled to enroll grandson in 2nd grade, but the weather played havoc, treating us to unseasonably frigid temperatures and strong winds with sub zero wind chills and school was cancelled.


The Principal and bookkeeper were there, so we went by to pick up paperwork and take the necessary documents to try to expedite the process the next day.  I worked as a school counselor for most of the 37 years as an educator and never in all of that time did we refuse to register a child who had a valid school physical form from another state, if they had all of the necessary vaccines.  This school said that the info had to be on the Virginia form and signed by his doctor.  His records had already been transferred to the new Pediatric practice in this area, so a quick appointment was made for the next morning and instead of starting school, he went to the doctor.  Once the forms were complete, he did get to go meet his new teachers, see his 14 classmates and get to ride the bus home.

On Wednesday, in the frigid weather, we drove two towns over and bought a twin over full bunk bed for the room the kids will share.  It was delivered on Friday and we realized that the foundation under the mattress made the bed too tall for the three year old, so back to the furniture store to get a full size bunky board.  Their room is more spacious with the bed turned 90 degrees and pushed up against a wall, our huge heavy headboard and footboard with the rails and foundation stored in the basement.

Daughter realized the bookcase that we brought from Florida would not hold all of the kids books and the board games, so she purchased a second bookcase and we put it together yesterday.  She and grandson are sorting and arranging the books on it.


After an initial moment of intimidation with the big dog, granddaughter has decided that she loves “Stranger” (Ranger) and he loves her back.  A very tolerant beast he is, fortunately.

We are getting used to the activity of having little ones in the house again, they are getting used to not having Daddy here yet and living in a different place.  All of us are trying to get used to the cold, though it does look like we might see more seasonable temperatures this week with a bit of rain and then snow, followed by a few even warmer days.

The chooks are laying a few eggs again, though they aren’t happy about the frigid weather either, spending much more time in the coop.