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Today was girls day out while Mountaingdad and Grandson watched a movie.  We ventured to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a lidded glass jar for compost as the newest canine addition to the house puts his feet on the counter when no one is watching and steals from the compost bin.  We also needed a broad strainer spoon to make cheese and a cake pan to make grandson’s birthday cake next weekend, then off to the natural food store and grocery.  During our outing, we decided that tonight would be an excellent night for homemade pizza and we were going to have a cheese making session to make Mozzarella.

This cheese lesson was without the son that gave me the first lesson and was a lesson for daughter.


A pound of delicious cheese.  Then we made dough for two pizzas.  Cooked down a pint of my homemade pasta sauce for the pizza sauce, chopped red onion, some of the frozen green pepper strips from last summer’s garden, some chopped garlic, cooked a couple of Italian sausages and assembled them for dinner.


One was special for the adults, the second with just sausage, sauce and cheese for the kids.

We still have a few more ounces of our cheese, so we will look for another dish to have in a day or two to enjoy the rest of our success.

In a day or two, we will have a soap making lesson, after making a batch of laundry detergent today, the soap supply is low and after all, it does take several weeks to cure.

Lovin’ life on our mountain farm and having part of our family here.