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I have lived in this house for about 8 1/2 years now.  Mountaingdad for about 6.  When I first moved in, Son #1 and his family were living with me, but they moved to the university town after a couple of years and the household was just Mountaingdad and me for a couple of years, then 3 years ago, we added the pups and we had visits by Son #1 and family, Daughter and family, and Son #2 and family from time to time.  Two summers, we kept Grandson #1 for extended periods to help out.

Almost three weeks ago now, daughter, 2 grands and granddog moved in as her husband tries to sell their home in Florida and moves here with them.  They will live with us for a year or two.  It has been a new experience for everyone.  The children are having to adjust to not having Dad in the house for now, but having 3 adults monitoring their behavior.  Mountaingdad is very good about staying out of behavior correction, I’m not as good, but try to defer to their Mom dealing with issues that arise.  The household experiences the pattering around of children, the dog that barks at our cats, the visiting cows, anyone coming or going on the driveway or walking around in the basement or the loft if he hasn’t seen the person leave the room he is in.

Since their arrival, we have had only one afternoon that was both dry and warm enough for the bundled up Floridians to play outdoors, but they loved having the huge yard in the midst of the farm on which to run, bike and play without fear of cars on the road or the canal behind their house that was home of “Chewey” the 5 foot alligator that appeared at times.

There have been times when each adult has had to escape for a bit, to a closed bedroom or to leave the house for an errand or two without kids.  Fortunately, they are okay being left with one of us for a while.

Granddaughter has had the hardest adjustment at night.  Because our bedrooms are spread out over all three floors of our home, with the master upstairs, two on the main floor and one off the finished basement, the kids are sharing a room with a twin over double bunk.  Eight year old grandson took right to it, getting the top bunk.  Granddaughter has the double bottom.  They each had a double in Florida in their own rooms.  Daughter has been trying to keep Granddaughter in her own bed for naps and at night, but Granddaughter has other ideas and will resist until she is so tired from crying that she finally falls asleep, sometimes for an hour, sometimes all night.  Yesterday was a resistance day and this is where I found her…


Curled up with her blanket, stuffed toy and pillow, outside her Mom’s bedroom door on the floor.  She had cried for over an hour before falling asleep there for her nap.  I texted daughter not to come out of the room quickly and sent her the photo.  She slept there for about an hour.


Lately, we have been having a nearly daily visitor, Jumper Jr., the ginger cow in the background.  She comes over to graze, I guess our field is more appealing to her than her own.  Yesterday she brought her Mom, Jumper.  They got their name because neither of them can be kept penned up.  Daughter and I decided they should be Ginger and Blondie.  We don’t mind the visits and the kids think it is great.  Granddaughter runs to one of us whenever she spots the ginger cow and excitedly states, “Jumper’s here.”  Now if we can just get their dog on board with this idea too.


Today, we are having a winter storm that began around 10 a.m.  They closed the schools 3 hours early and brought the kids home.  When Grandson got home, his Mom and I were both knitting and he decided that he wanted to learn too.  Since daughter is just beginning to pick it up again and is a novice knitter, and since Grandson and I are both left handed, I was nominated to be the instructor.  This is lesson one.  He is excited about learning and eager to make a scarf.  I patiently have had to tink (knit backwards) more than one of his rows this afternoon to repair his work, but he is being persistent.  I think he is going to catch on.  I don’t know if his interest will hold, but it is fun teaching him.  Three  year old sis thinks she is “big and strong enough” to do it too.  I think we may buy her a spool knitter or pot holder loom to start on.