A warm sunny day!  Yay.  Much of last week’s snow melted today, though the driveway is a muddy mess developing deep ruts in several places.  The chooks are happy to have more than a few square feet to move about.  We are happy because they had school for the first time in two full weeks and grandson returned.  The extended weather forecast is looking generally more positive with milder temperatures during the days, but still a lot of nights that are very cold and will freeze then thaw cycle.  We still have a treacherous path to the house both the front door and the garage doors as the areas that were “cleared” by the tractor developed ice several inches thick.

The beast, our 210 lb English Mastiff is finding the walk in and out of the house scary as he has slipped a few times.  The German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever both bound over it like it isn’t there.  I tried to break it up today, but even when the chunks were manageable, they pulled up the sparse grass just off the front stoop.

We fear at least a late start for school tomorrow as we are expecting frozen rain and sleet tonight.  We are ready for spring, dry yards and driveways and a garden that can be worked.