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The storm of yesterday has passed, again creating a snow covered swathe diagonally up across Virginia and to the north east.  Today the sun is brilliant and the day so far is frigid.  Yesterday afternoon, the chickens were huddled underneath the coop as the snow fell, they were soaked and I was worried about frostbite.  Have you ever tried to herd chickens?  Not an easy task, but one by one they were prodded out from under the coop to a small patch that I cleared right by their ladder and most willingly went inside.  A few had to be picked up and placed inside, the pop door closed and a couple of extra scoops of whole grain feed tossed down to both entertain and warm them as I hoped they would dry before the single digit cold arrived and arrive it did.  We plunged from the mid 30’s yesterday morning to 6f (-14.5c) early this morning.

The brilliant sun is causing the ice coated trees and shrubs to sparkle and glitter, the snow blindingly white.  Our total on this storm was only about 6″, but it is on ice.  The muddy ruts that had formed in our driveway are now frozen ruts but the next week is going to be spring like with a few periods of rain, so the ruts will return.

The chickens pen was cleared of enough snow to toss down their grain and coax them out to feed.

School has been cancelled for the second day in a row, the 14th day this school year.  Only one of those days has been made up and only 4 more make up days are currently in the schedule.  Their options are to extend the school day or add more days on to the end of the year.  They don’t really haven’t any vacation days built in to take that haven’t already been taken.  Spring break is only the Friday and Monday bracketing Easter Sunday.

The day is beautiful and the scenery is photo worthy, we didn’t lose power, but I am ready for winter to exit.