Years ago, we laughed at episodes of the TV show Frazier, with “the chair.”  The chair belonged to his father, a ratty, striped recliner with duct tape holding it together.  In one episode, Frazier, bothered by the look of the chair in his very modern svelte apartment, removed it to the building’s storage room and replaced it with a new leather version.  Dad was not happy and the episode revolved around the search for the taped up old chair to return to the apartment.  The story line going much deeper, but for my purposes, we will leave it here.

About 16 or 17 years ago, while still living in Virginia Beach, Mountaingdad found a ginormous rocking recliner in Sam’s Club.  Every time we went to shop, he went to see if the chair was still there, sitting in it and wishing.  Daughter and I decided that it would make a great Christmas present for him, drove my minivan to Sam’s Club and purchased the last one, a hulking leather monstrosity and wheeled it out to the car.  It wouldn’t fit in the van in the box.  We unpacked it and with much Tetris like activity, got it into the van, but didn’t want to abandon the box in the parking lot as that went so totally against my hippy, you must recycle it mindset.  I ended up leaving the box and my 16 year old daughter in the parking lot, drove the chair home and unloaded it in the garage, drove the few miles back and picked up daughter and box and drove to the recycle center to leave the box.  Back home, we approached a neighbor about storing it in their garage until Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Eve early in the day, we removed it back to our garage and covered it back in an area in front of my mini van, hoping that Mountaingdad would not spot it.  That night, it was hauled into the house, set in place and a big bow taped to the back.

That chair has been his favorite.  It moved from that house to the rental we took after selling the house to build this one.  Moved again to two different apartments that he occupied after I moved up here to work and supervise the construction of our new home.  It moved again to our log home upon his retirement and continued to be his favorite spot to use his laptop, watch TV and recuperate from surgery then a broken humerus.  After all of the years and all of the moves, the chair’s leather began to split.  We tried Frazier’s Dad’s approach and bought some dark brown duct tape to try to repair it.  It held for a little while, but not for long.  It became a place where Mountaingdad and Ranger shared time at night.



But alas, it was just falling apart.  About a year ago, I started suggesting it was time to replace it, but he wasn’t ready.  A week ago, I received a coupon for 20% off a furniture item from Grand Furnishings as we have bought several mattresses and the grandkids bunk bed from them in the past couple of years.  The end of last week, he admitted that it was time.


The seat and arms of the chair as it awaits disposal.

Sunday, we used the coupon to buy him a new leather recliner.  Large and comfy, but not quite as massive as The Chair.  Today it arrived at the local Grand and was picked up.


I don’t know if Mountaingdad and Ranger will both fit in this one.  I hope it provides at least Mountaingdad comfort for as long as The Chair did.