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Granddaughter is fascinated with all of the spring calves and lambs and is often asking us to drive by one of the many fields with babies.  The foals at the Virginia Tech Horse Center haven’t arrived in the fields yet, but we did see a whole field of tiny black lambs a couple of weeks ago.  It looked like most of the ewes had twins as there were many more lambs than ewes.  Most of the calves are too far away from the car to see except as small lumps lying in the grass, but our neighbor’s herd is next door and our gravel road runs right through her property, so we can often drive up and see them right by the road.  This morning, we drove up the road and the herd was right there with all of the babies nearby.  There are six calves less than 2 weeks old and a couple more that were born right at the beginning of the year.



We parked along the side of the road and watched as they ate hay, nursed and were bathed by the cows.  She doesn’t quite understand why she can’t pet them as they are all smaller than our Mastiff that she adores.

In the past week, I have gotten back on my spinning wheel.  I had some roving that I had purchased at the Fiber retreat in February that is for my daughter.  As I had ordered a jumbo flyer for my spinning wheel and wanted to wait for it to ply the two very full bobbins of Dorset lamb that I was spinning at the retreat, I began on her roving.  The roving that I purchased was called Mystery Sheep.  A flock of sheep had been abandoned in a nearby town and had been rescued by a kindly citizen.  Two of the ladies at the retreat have a shop selling roving from their own sheep and also selling from the rescued flock.  Twenty percent of the sale of that roving goes back to helping provide feed and vet care for the rescued flock.  It felt good to buy some fiber that was going to help out.  It was only 2 ounces of fiber and spun up into only about 116 yards of yarn, but enough for my daughter to make herself a slouchy hat, which is a project she wants to start as soon as her house is packed up and moved.


The fiber was soft Easter egg blue and green and made a nice yarn.

Now on my wheel is a very soft Merino just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.  It is a nice cherry red and is spinning to about worsted weight.  It is 4 ounces of fiber and should made a nice skein that will soon appear on my Etsy shop.


On the knitting front, I am slowly completing the yoke on my newest sweater, but it has taken me weeks to do the 7 inches that I have accomplished, just too many other things going on in our lives right now.