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Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

For a week and a day now, we have been grandparents and in loco parentis for two of our grandchildren.  During the weekday school hours, only the three  year old is with us. The routine is for me to get up by 6:45 to dress and wake the eight year old for school.  As the kids are currently sharing a bedroom at our house, that means trying to get him up and out of the top bunk without waking the three year old in the bottom bunk.  This is not an easy task, but we have managed most mornings.  Once he is on his school bus, the animal chores have been taken care of, then the three year old has my help getting her clothes out and she dresses while I prepare her breakfast.  She will always announce what she wants, “big yogurt with honey” (plain yogurt from the quart instead of an individual serving that big brother takes to school), “a stand up egg” (a hard boiled egg), or “scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese for my plate.”  This morning, the bacon curled into a smile and I couldn’t resist. . .


So we played with our food a little.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends, a fan of my lotion bars from my Etsy shop, found a deal on blocks of Shea butter and sent me a link.  Once I got on the site, I realized that I could get organic Sweet Almond Oil, organic Cocoa Butter, and organic Coconut Oil as well at a very good price.  An order was placed and I was pleased with the quick shipping and the arrival of my goodies a couple of days ago.


Tomorrow, we are off to pick up eldest Grandson for his week of Spring Break.  He will be joining the other two here until next weekend.  We will be leaving the critters and house in the care of our local house sitter and spending one night in Northern Virginia.  This will give eldest Grandson an opportunity to show off Washington DC to his Florida born cousins before we head home.  A driving trip up there always involves a good resupply of food for them and so a cooler of chicken, pork, and frozen Tomatillos will be packed along with jars of salsa and chutney, a box of pumpkins, and a few dozen eggs.  There are still more pumpkins than we will eat and they are beginning to go bad.


There were only two half pints of the XXXX Salsa left on the shelf, but the Tomatillos and Habeneros were in the freezer from when I gave up on canning in the fall, so 3 1/2 pints were made this morning.  They aren’t sealed in the canner, but I’m sure they will be eaten long before they go bad.

Most of the laundry is done and bags getting packed.  This will be a short trip, but it will let the Grands from here see Washington DC for the first time and will give the three cousins some time together, though the 8 year old living here does have school next week until half day on Thursday.  The futon in the rec room is made and the house will be vacuumed to reduce the dog hair once the three year old gets up from her nap.

The Cherry Blossom Yarn that I was spinning was completed and added to my Etsy shop.  It is 121 yards, 4 ounces of Worsted/Aran weight yarn and quite soft.


My current spinning project is the most difficult fiber I have ever tried to spin.  It is a 50/50 blend of Yak and Silk and is so slippery, I find it very troublesome.  It is going to be lovely if my patience holds out and it too will likely find it’s way into my shop.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill loving life on our mountain farm and we are excited that the spring like week and the recent rain are turning the fields emerald green and we are seeing squirrel ear leaves on some of the trees.