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Whew, what a weekend.  About 10 days ago, Mountaingdad came down with the symptoms that I had thought were allergies with me and I was mostly over, but as often happens with him, it went straight into bronchitis.  Last Tuesday, he went to the Doctor and came home with meds, lots and lots of meds.  We were scheduled to leave on Thursday and hoped that 36 plus hours on the antibiotic and prednisone that he would be feeling better.  We awoke Thursday and he still was not feeling any better, but we decided to go on anyway and hope for improvement.  We arrived in Northern Virginia to see our daughter in law’s senior exhibition prior to her graduation with a BFA in May.  As they don’t really have room for both of us in their house and because we didn’t want Mountaingdad to expose Son #1’s family to his bug, we returned to the hotel from hell down the street.  By the time we arrived, all he wanted to do was go to bed, so we checked in to the hotel and I took off on the Metro to met DIL at her exhibition to look around.  We had reserved a room with a single queen bed, got a room with two doubles which may have been good since he didn’t sleep much that night.  The heating unit in this room worked this time, thank goodness.

I did get to see the exhibition and we took Son #1 and Grandson #1 out for a quick dinner, got what rest we could and left Friday morning for Norfolk/Virginia Beach to my step sister’s wedding.  We were supposed to stay with our youngest son and his family and again feared exposing them to the bug that wasn’t going away, so we checked into a hotel.  Again, he stayed in bed and I went to visit with son and his family and took them out to dinner.

Saturday dawned and he still wasn’t feeling any better.  I had some goodies for my Dad and Stepmom to help feed their guests and for a brunch they were having this morning, so I left Mountaingdad in the hotel room and had a short visit with my Dad and their houseguests.  Afterward, I got him out long enough to get some lunch, still hoping for the best, but realizing that I was going to have to attend the wedding alone last night.  I dressed and was about to leave, when he revealed that he was feeling very dizzy and heavy in the chest.  Instead of attending the wedding, we ended up spending a couple of hours at a “Doc in the Box” making sure that his bronchitis had not turned into pneumonia.  We returned to the hotel with no change in diagnosis with a whole new regime of meds to try.  The hotel was hosting prom party rooms the first night and high school band competition groups last night, so not much sleep was had.

We left early this morning on minimal sleep to return home so he can rest in his own bed.  Nine hundred miles of travel in 4 days and very little family contact had, but we are home safely with no photos to share.  The new meds we hope will help this time and get him on the road to recovery.